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welcome to the GUN SHOW pow pow

bonus transparent babe in case u want her for anything (just make sure to credit!!)

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#so cute
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Michael “Rage Cute” Jones [x]

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10$ commission!

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my boo & my boi

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@danisnotonfire: turns out trying to take a selfie with a dog is harder than you’d think
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Title: UnknownMichael's Stroke
Artist: Unknown
Album: UnknownLet's Play Minecraft - Episode 47 - Enchantment Level 30
Played: 5326 times


Video Here

Located at: 14:32 - 15:07

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So far this year we got:

  • Phil to 2 mil
  • Dan to 4 mil
  • A Phan hug
  • The cactus incident
  • Phan slap
  • Phan tickle
  • The newlywed ’bestfriend’ game

And it’s only September! 3 more months for ‘Phil is not on fire’, Phan kiss and (hopefully) ‘A day in the life of Dan and Phil’ and other stuff.

What a great year this is for the phandom!


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apologies for taking so long, anon ;;;;;;; but here you go! a motivational post of the ah gang, each of them saying something v uv

i hope i didn’t forget anyone ;;



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I do not want Looking for Alaska to be a movie. But if it has to be, I think it needs to be rated R so that it can be told truthfully. It’s not a cutesy teen romance and it shouldn’t be treated like one.

It’s not cutesy teen romance and it shouldn’t be treated like one

make john green find this

While I agree with this post, I’m pretty sure I remember reading an ask John Green answered about the Looking For Alaska book/movie, wherein he stated that he sold the movie rights, meaning he would have no control over how the movie is made and whether it’s treated as a “cutesy teen romance” or not

But then again, I could be wrong. Feel free to reblog this and prove or disprove what I said hahah


this is the best 30 seconds or so of my life

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